SUPRO Huntington 2042BM Ocean Blue Metallic

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Huntington 2042BM Ocean Blue Metallic
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Elbas, 4-strängad Shortscale med Vintage Gold Foil Pickups

Huntington är en serie elbasar med 30” mensur (shortscale) baserade på Supros klassiker ”Pocket Bass” från det tidiga 60-talet. De finns med en, två eller tre historiskt korrekta Gold Foil pickups samt med eller utan Piezo-mikrofon. Även en bandlös version finns.

Vintage Inspiration
This newly-designed, short-scale bass combines the classic body shape of the early-60’s Ozark model with vintage-correct passive electronics and sonic inspiration from the Supro Pocket Bass of the same era. Although its scale is short, the sound of the Huntington bass is astoundingly large—boasting a tight, confident, buttery low end, articulate midrange and crisp highs.

The Supro Huntington bass is available in single, double and triple pickup configurations with an optional piezo bridge and a variety of unique metallic and transparent colors over a choice of Mahogany, Swamp Ash or Alder tonewood for the body.

Gold Foil Pickups
The unique Gold Foil pickups found in the Huntington bass are authentic replicas of the original “Clear-Tone” pickups found in the vintage Supro Violin, Taurus and Pocket Bass models. These high-output single coils deliver legendary, deep low-end, with very low noise and a massive, broadband sound that stays warm and balanced across the entire range of the instrument.