Galaxy 1777, 4x12 högtalarkabinett 300W

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Galaxy 1777, 4x12 högtalarkabinett 300W
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4x12 högtalarkabinett 300 Watt till Galaxy med Eminence CV75 högtalare. Unik design med open/closed back.

The Supro 1777 Galaxy 4x12 Extension cabinet uses an oversized, “half-back” design with a partially-open, angled top section sitting above an isolated, closed-back bottom. This hybrid design delivers the recording versatility and tonal balance of a vintage-flavored open-back top section along with massive thump and low-end punch from the sealed lower section. The Galaxy 4x12 extension cabinet features switchable mono (8-Ohm) or stereo/bi-amp (16-Ohm) operation for use as independent open and closed 2x12 sections connected to multiple heads. The Supro Galaxy 4x12 comes loaded with Eminence CV75 speakers and is rated at 300W in mono or 150W per side in stereo. The CV75 speaker was selected to be used in the Galaxy series for its distinctive British tone that absolutely nails the sound of the most coveted, UK-made V30 speakers from the early 80’s.

- Eminence CV75 Speakers
- 300 Watts power handling 8-ohms mono / 16-ohms stereo
- 102.2db sensitivity
- British Voice based on UK-made V30s
- Half-back design with partially open top and sealed bottom
- Black Leatherette Tolex with Suede accent