Dual Terror

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Dual Terror DT30H
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Dual Terror DT30H
Förstärkartopp, rördriven, 2 kanaler, den ena hämtad direkt från Tiny Terror, den andra med mer gain. Omkopplingsbar mellan 30, 15 och 7 watt.

The original lunchbox head made louder.
Featuring a 30 Watt output section the Dual Terror head is the most powerful in the Terror range, offering more clean headroom and volume than the Tiny Terror with the added flexibility of a second channel. The ‘Tiny Terror Channel’ is lifted straight from the original 15 Watt version, retaining the signature tones that made the Tiny Terror such a hit. However, with double the power on offer, it packs an even fiercer punch.
The additional ‘Fat’ channel provides extra girth with its more rounded, slightly gainier character, perfect for leads or for balancing between two different guitars on stage. The Dual Terror switches from 30 to 15 to 7 watts, making it a perfect portable amp head for both for studio and stage.