Darkglass Vintage Ultra v2 AUX

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Vintage Ultra v2 AUX
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Vintage Ultra V2 AUX
Overdrive-pedal för elbas

Kanske den ultimata preampen för de flesta basister. Detta är Darkglass mest avancerade pedal och vad de har gjort ar egentligen att de stoppat en 40kg rörförstärkares ljud i en box på 10 x 12 cm
Den nya Version 2 har Impulsrespons-modeller av baskabinett vilket gör det till en dröm att koppla den direkt till PA. Denna version har även hörlursutgång och Aux anslutning

The Vintage Ultra v2 is the result of the finest engineering process we have ever accomplished. 40 years ago it was necessary to carry a massive amp to have a rich, tight and articulate sound for bass players.

Today, all you need is a super portable preamp which enables on one side a massive clean sound, and from the other side, a tasty saturated sound. This is a true elixir for low end lovers.

The Vintage Ultra v2 features: (1) A dedicated Footswitch to
engage the overdrive section independently. (2) A Master volume
to control the overall unit level. (3) Three-way toggle switches for
each mid control, with a total of 6 different mid frequencies (4) A
dedicated headphone output and balanced direct output with
switchable digital impulse-response cabinet emulation make for
an incredibly complete tool for the modern bass player.
Technical upgrades
· Single user loadable cabinet simulation impulse response
· Micro-USB B port to connect to PC/Mac to load a different
Virtual Cabinet
· 3.5mm headphone output with cabinet simulation
· Balanced XLR output with switchable cabinet simulation