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Industry standard 3-track sequencer with huge connectivity in limited edition color.
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For å skape musikk med datamaskiner trenger man et tangentbord og andre funksjoner for å kunne kontrollere softwareinstrumenter.
Arturia har et stort utvalg som dekker de fleste behov og situasjoner uansett om du jobber i studio, på scenen, hjemme eller ønsker å være portabel. Selvfølgelig kan du også styre andre MIDI-produkter med Arturias USB-kontrollere. Her finner du også step-sequencere som bl. a kan styre analoge synther og kobler dem sammen med datamaskiner og annet MIDI-utstyr.

The standard for sequencing: whether it’s BeatStep Pro’s amazing value for money, its intuitive performance controls, its robust design, or “all of the above”, it’s seen in pro studios and big stages around the world.

For the adventurous performer, nothing comes close to the Arturia BeatStep Pro. Now available for a limited time in stylish black, BeatStep Pro has been designed to become the center of your music world. Perform using your vintage monosynths, outboard modules, and drum machines all at the same time using its comprehensive CV/Gate connections, all while controlling virtual instruments and syncing with your DAW via MIDI/USB.

EXCLUSIVE! Includes 14 CV patch cables.

Connect to anything

When searching for the perfect sequencer, you need something that will have your whole studio performing in sync. BeatStep Pro will do just that; featuring CV / Gate output, 8 drum gate outputs, a multi-mode clock sync, and MIDI in & out. Sync your modular synths to your DAW project, all while creating a live performance using its intuitive controls.

The professional’s choice

Don’t let its small size fool you, BeatStep Pro is no toy. Its advance sequencers can create patterns up to 64 steps long, with velocity, gate time, and note tie available per step. The 16 track drum sequencer can be customized for knobs, step buttons, and velocity & pressure sensitive pads, and output MIDI CC, note data, as well as program changes. BeatStep Pro even features a real-time roller & looper touch strip for on-the-fly pattern performances.

New to Version 2.0

In 2017, Arturia released firmware version 2.0 for BeatStep Pro, making the sync rock solid, and introducing several new features, including polyrhythm mode, touch strip roller / arpeggio function, the ability to save pattern chains, octave randomization, new ways of creating steps, added compatibility with KORG Volcas.

  • Black Edition exclusive: 14 CV patch cables included.
  • 2 monophonic, melodic step sequencers: create awesome melody sequences up to 64 steps long, with each step able to contain unique note, velocity, gate time, and note tie settings.
  • A 16-track drum sequencer: programmable with BeatStep Pro’s pressure sensitive pads, and containing a dedicated MIDI controller mode for ultimate sequence control.
  • Huge connectivity: CV / Gate outputs (1 volt per octave CV, 10 volt gates), 8 drum gate outputs, clock sync, MIDI in & out, and USB sync. Whatever gear you have, BeatStep Pro will make the most of it.
  • Powerful performance controls: BeatStep Pro features a real-time looper / roller touch strip, independent swing per sequence, randomizer, and a variety of rotary controllers for hands-on performance.
  • Create pattern chains and save songs: 16 projects are available to customize, each featuring 16x2 sequences, 16 drum sequences and a dedicated controller map.
  • Great new updates: the latest firmware update always makes the best even better, ensuring rock-solid performance, and adding loads of fun new features.