Vic Firth M303 ÅSTRAND M. HARD

Produsent: VIC FIRTH
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Keyboard Mallets. Excellent when an articulate sound is needed in any playing situation. Works well on both marimba and vibraphone.
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Vic Firth Keyboard and Timpani Mallets are designed together with the best artists in the world to address a range of instruments and all dynamic levels.

As a performer and clinician, Vic Firth artist Anders Åstrand has shared his unique sense of melodic and rhythmic exploration with audiences around the globe. As a composer, his work with brass quintets, choirs, and big bands has helped to inform his own playing.

This compositional mindset - knowing when voices need to blend and when they need to shine - set the tone for the two series (Orange/Blue) of mallets Anders created with Vic Firth.

  • Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Length: 43,18cm (17")
  • Head material/color: Cord/Blue
  • Handle Material: Rattan
  • Series: Signature Series - Anders Åstrand - Blue
  • Model: M303