Vic Firth STR2 T ROYSTER JR. 2

Produsent: VIC FIRTH
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Features a longer taper on a slightly thin 5B-sized body. An extremely playable stick that still has plenty of power to back up your groove.
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In the early 1980's, Vic and Steve Gadd began working together on a top-secret new project: a signature drumstick. A true design collaboration between two legendary world-class artists had never been done before in the drumstick industry. To this day, each signature stick we make is conceived with the same care and respect for artistry and musicality. Vic's Signature Series truly puts the artist's personal touch into your hands!

At age 13, Tony Royster Jr. became the youngest drummer ever to become a Vic Firth signature artist. His first Signature Stick the STR came out when he was just 15 years old! Now nearly 20 years later, Tony has grown physically and musically and with these changes his stick preference has needed to evolve as well. The new STR2 stick is designed to match the needs and playing style of Tony today.

  • With a diameter of .585”, this stick has the feel of a slimmed-down American Classic® 5B
  • An extremely playable stick that still has plenty of power to back up your groove
  • A slightly longer taper offers incredible rebound which is great for fast, flowing, effortless chops
  • Hickory wood
  • Diameter: 1,49cm
  • Length: 40,64cm
  • Taper: Long
  • Tip/Shape: Hickory Wood, Tear Drop
  • Series: Signature Series
  • Surface Coating/Finish: Lacquer