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British Pedal Company Professional MKII Tone Bender OC81D Vintage Series

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Vintage Series
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BPC Professional MKII Tone Bender

The BPC MKII Tone Bender OC81D is a detailed replica of the 1966 PROFESSIONAL MK II Tone Bender pedals created by Gary Hurst. The circuit unlike the MK 1.5 had a 3 Transistor circuit which, based on production/supply comprised of either OC75’s or OC81D transistors. This OC81D Loaded MK II can be heard on many Jimmy/Led Zeppelin Tracks such as ‘Whole lotta love’. This was the pedal seen being used by Jimmy on the recent ‘It Might get loud ‘ documentary.

BPC Professional MKII Tone Bender OC81D.

Aluminum cast casing
Level and Attack controls
3x OC81D Transistors
As used by the Jimmy Page
Limited production
Certificate of authenticity