Alctron DI2200N

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DI2200N Active DI Box
A sturdy, high impedance DI box, well suited for a number of applications. The DI2200N also helps with long cable runs. Powered via 48V phantom power, this DI achieves a clean, natural signal from the original source. This DI also has a lift/ground switch and a -15dB pad. For clean, transparent signal, try this DI box.

What Does it Do?
This DI box takes a strong, unbalanced instrument signal (Hi-Z) such as an acoustic guitar signal, and converts it into a balanced microphone level (low-Z) signal to feed into a mixer, which usually requires balanced mic level XLR connections. This eliminates interference, impedance mis-matches and connector compatibility problems that could be encountered if you connected an instrument directly into the mixing console. The preamp on board provides excellent headroom to convert even the smallest of signals.

Pad and Ground Lift Switches
A Pad switch is used to reduce the sensitivity of the box, which will prevent it from overloading if a very strong instrument signal is passed to the input. The pad switch on this DI can cut 15dB from the signal. A ground lift switch is used to eliminate hum and hiss caused by ground loops, which are created in a chain where multiple grounds are connected.

Built To Last
This DI box is made from tough fashioned aluminium. Rubber feet also help with sturdy placement.


High-performance 48V phantom powered active direct box
Designed specifically for today’s Hi-Z instrument
48V phantom power supply significantly increases headroom
Allows for less distortion
Smooth response curve to achieve natural, uncolored signal transfer
Exceptional sonic performance with affordable
GND switch eliminates huzz and noise


Dynamic range: 80dB
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Output impedance: 600Ω
Power requirement: 48V phantom power
Signal to noise ratio: 85dB
Size: 147mm X 90mm X 38mm