Gallistrings LG40 La Galli Hard Tension

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Nylonstrenger for klassisk gitar, Silverplated, Normal Tension - 029 - 045
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Gallistrings LG40 La Galli Hard Tension
The LG40 La Galli Hard Tension sets a new standard in innovative production techniques. The treble strings made of white nylon monofilament and silver strings with silver-plated spinning around a multifilament nylon core give the feeling of playing on flexible strings that at the same time provide a warm and projecting tone, long sustain, smooth balance between the notes and a lightweight and natural response to vibrato. The winding process itself is digitally controlled which means that every single string is optimized to perfection. Gallistrings is an original product from Italy that provides the necessary balance between technology and craftsmanship, technique and passion.

In addition, Gallistrings has a very strict quality control where every single string is checked and laser corrected. They do this to give you strings of the highest quality. Try the Gallistrings and be convinced too!

String Gauges: .029 .033 .041 .030 .038 .045

LG41 E-1st Clear Nylon .029 0.74
LG42 B-2nd Clear Nylon .033 0.88
LG43 G-3rd Clear Nylon .041 1.04
LG44 D-4th Silverplated Copper on Nylon .030 0.75
LG45 A-5th Silverplated Copper on Nylon .038 0.95
LG46 E-6th Silverplated Copper on Nylon .045 1.12