Gallistrings GFS1256 Fingerstyle Medium Light

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Akustisk strengesett (012 - 056), utviklet for fingerspill - Medium Light
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Gallistrings GFS1256 Fingerstyle Medium Light
Double winding with nickel and bronze around a hexagonal core combines the defined sound of an electric guitar with the warmth and fullness that the acoustic bronze strings produce. The result is more balanced sound and longer sustain. The nickel properties allow the vibrations to be detected in the best possible way by different types of pickups, especially the magnetic ones (both acoustic and electric), without deteriorating the tone of the bronze strings. The two thin coils also make the string less "rough", which contributes to less rubbing noise and also longer life without the use of coating that can reduce the vibration in the strings.

Many have played on the new Fingerstyle strings, but a special thanks goes to Gavino Loche, who contributed to the realization of the project and the emergence of these new strings with "double winding" in nickel and bronze. Gallistrings is an original product from Italy that provides the necessary balance between technology and craftsmanship, technique and passion.

Gallistrings also have a very strict quality control where every single string is checked and laser corrected. They do this to give you strings of the highest quality. Try the Gallistrings and be convinced too!

String Gauges: .012 .016 .025 .035 .045 .056

GFS012 E-1st Plain Steel .012 0.30
GFS016 B-2nd Plain Steel .016 0.40
GFS025 G-3rd Nickel Bronze Wound .025 0.63
GFS035 D-4th Nickel Bronze Wound .035 0.88
GFS045 A-5th Nickel Bronze Wound .045 1.14
GFS056 E-6th Nickel Bronze Wound .056 1.40