Gallistrings EB50135 ProCoated - Heavy

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Strenger til 5-strengs bass (050 - 135), ProCoated nickel wound - Heavy
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Gallistrings EB50135 ProCoated - Heavy - 5 strings bass
Galli's Nickel Round Wound Procoated bass strings are made with the best technology available to create the most outstanding coated strings. The winding process itself is digitally controlled which means that every single string is optimized to perfection.

Traditional coating can be considered sterile and poorly organic, and it is often compensated for missing the top by sharpening the alloy. Gallistrings' Procoating is of a more transparent nature and does not color the sound in the same way, but contributes to what is the concept itself; namely, protecting the string from premature wear and providing longer service life. Gallistrings is an original product from Italy that provides the necessary balance between technology and craftsmanship, technique and passion.

In addition, Gallistrings has a very strict quality control where every single string is checked and laser corrected. They do this to give you strings of the highest quality. Try the Gallistrings and be convinced too!

String Gauges: .050 .070 .085 .110 .135

CNR50 G-1st Nickel round wound coated .050 1.25
CNR70 D-2nd Nickel round wound coated .070 1.75
CNR85 A-3rd Nickel round wound coated .085 2.12
CNR110 E-4th Nickel round wound coated .110 2.75
CNR135 B-5th Nickel round wound coated .135 3.37