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Ehrlund EHR-M1 (Mini M)

Produsent: EHRLUND
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Kondensatormikrofon med unik trekantet membran
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A smaller, more robust version of the EHR-M. With an integrated coarse dirt filter and high impact resistance, it’s suitable for use on tour and in broadcasting. Works fabulously in overhead purposes

The EHR-M1 is a Swedish manufactured studio condenser microphone. It has been designed to endure rough conditions whilst on tour. The EHR-M1 is in many aspects like the EHR-M except it’s smaller size, has higher resistance and a built-in coarse dirt filter. Its patented triangular membrane design has been allied to a patented very low noise and low power phantom feed amplifier. The EHR-M1 has both broad and smooth pickup characteristics, with deep bass and extended treble. This microphone has impressive stats in self-induced noise, sensitivity and frequency range. The output signal is strong and usually does not need much amplification.


Large diaphragm condenser microphone
Patented triangular membrane
Patented internal amplification and power circuits
Optimised for podcast, broadcast and touring environments
Transparent and natural sound
Great low-noise performance
Phase and frequency linear internal amplifiers
Compact size and weight
Built-in coarse dirt filter
Durable design, built to endure the rough life on tour
Broad pickup range, linear frequency response even at distance or off axis
Bass frequencies are picked up in an accurate way even at some distance
Natural reproduction of fast transients
Colouring of sound is negligible and true to the original source
Frequency range spans from infrasonic bass to ultrasonic treble
Low energy consumption, ~2.0 mA
Strong output signal, usually doesn’t need any external amplification
No pre-filtering needed, Ehrlund microphones are made for flat EQs
Each and every Ehrlund microphone is stereo matched with its own model
Handles all impedances without altering frequency or phase


Type Condenser microphone
Membrane type Triangular membrane, combines the characteristics of both large and small membranes
Pickup pattern Cardioid
Frequency range 7 – 87000 Hz
Sensitivity at 1kHz -33 dBV/Pa (23 mV/Pa)
Impedance Handles all impedances
Equivalent noise level < 7 dBA
Signal-to-noise 87 dBA
Dynamic range 115 dB
Max SPL (peak)
0.5% THD 116 dB
1% THD 122 dB
Power supply 48 V Phantom power
Current consumption 2.0 mA
Connector XLR 3-pin
Materials Aircraft-grade aluminium body, hardened nickel-plated stainless steel net
Finish Glass bead blasting
Dimensions Ø53 mm x 95 mm
Weight 185 grams