Dexibell DX Cover 88

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Microfiber støvtrekk for Dexibell Vivo P7/S7
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Travel in Style with Your Dexibell Vivo P7 or S7
Now protect that investment with the Dexibell DX COVER73 dust cover. Expressly made to fit the Vivo P7 and S7, this form-fitted dust cover is made from high-quality microfiber material to keep out airborne particles that could damage your keyboard over time. Keep your axe pristine and ready to rock with the Dexibell DX COVER88 dust cover!


Form-fitted microfiber dust cover
Fits the Vivo P7 and S7 88-key digital pianos
Protects your keyboard from airborne particles
Keeps your axe pristine and ready to rock