Miktek TDK5

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Mikrofonsett til trommer. Dynamisk, superkardioid
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Value-packed Drum Mic Bundle
The Miktek TDK5 Drum Mic Bundle consists of a rugged padded gig bag with four of Miktek's great-sounding PM Series drum mics. You get four Miktek T100 snare/tom mics and one T200 kick drum mic. Everything is protected by foam inserts and secure latches, and there's a comfortable carrying handle so you can grab and go. You'll be able to set up fast thanks to the included Level Lock Rim Mount clips, which allow you to attach the T100 mics directly to the drum rim without requiring separate mic stands. The Miktek TDK5 Drum Mic Bundle is an excellent value.

Tight, punchy snare and tom tones
When it's time to mic up drums, the Miktek T100 dynamic mic provides great drum tone at a great price. With its focused supercardioid pickup pattern, the T100 picks up your target drum with clarity while rejecting off-axis sound from adjacent drums. Its combination of neodymium mic element and custom Miktek transformer have been tuned for a wide frequency response and clear sound even at high SPLs. Recording engineers and drummers alike at Sweetwater appreciate the included Level Lock Rim Mount, which makes setting up faster and easier. If you're looking for an economical way to maximize your drum tone, check out the Miktek T100 dynamic mic.

Well-balanced kick mic you can shape for any style
Expect big, punchy kick drum tone from the Miktek T200 dynamic microphone. Its neodymium element and custom Miktek transformer have been tuned for optimum bass drum tone. The supercardioid polar pattern exhibits excellent off-axis rejection, helping to minimize unwanted shell reflections when you're miking inside the drum. Engineers and drummers appreciate the rugged die-cast construction, making this a mic you'll be able to rely on for years.


Value-packed 5-piece drum mic bundle
4 Miktek T100 dynamic supercardioid snare/tom mics
1 Miktek T200 kick drum mic
Includes rugged padded gig bag
Level Lock Rim Mounts for fast set up