Miktek PMD7

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Everything You Need for Great-sounding Drums!
The Miktek PMD7 6-mic drum mic kit gives you everything you need for great-sounding drums. The kit includes three PM10 snare/tom mics, one PM11 kick drum mic, and a pair of C5 pencil condenser mics, as well as standard mic clips, tom rim-mount clips, and a carrying case.

PM10: great on snare and toms
In Nashville (where Miktek mics are assembled), recording engineers are raving about the Miktek PM10 dynamic supercardioid mic on snare drum. We can add that the PM10 also does a great job on toms. With its PM Series mics, Miktek has taken its renowned studio mic technology and packaged it tough for the road. But the PM10 is at home in the studio as well. Tight and punchy, the PM10's versatility also makes it a wonderful general purpose mic: use it to tame guitar cabs, congas, or almost anything else that emits high SPLs. If you're looking for a rugged, versatile dynamic mic, look no further than the Miktek PM10.

PM11: take back artistic control of your kick
The Miktek PM11 kick drum mic gives you back artistic control. Over the past decade, the trend in kick drum mics has favored pre-equalized, purpose-built mics: crack the fader and voila: instand kick drum mojo. But what if you want your bass drum to sound like, well, the drum - rather than the mic? Here's where the PM11 comes into play. It is indeed purpose-built for kick, so it's tough-as-nails and has mountains of meat, but it's not so pre-EQ'd that every bass drum sounds the same through it. It's also great on bass cabs and other bass-intensive sources. You do get tons of low end and excellent definition, however the Miktek PM11 lets you - the engineer - shape the sound.

First-class pencil condenser mic
The pencil condenser is a critical studio tool - and the C5 is just the microphone for the important job. Miktek packed as much value as possible into this small-diaphragm condenser. It's fitted with Miktek's MK5a 1/2-inch capsule, which offers a full-bodied, super-linear response - just what you want from a critical recording mic. The other components in the Miktek C5 have been designed to offer up a sweet response that's reminiscent of iconic mics from studio lore. You'll love the Miktek C5 as a drum overhead microphone (this kit includes two). It's also a stellar pick for recording a number of nuanced acoustic instruments, including violin, acoustic guitar, and piano. Plus, thanks to its high SPL handling, the C5 performs well on brass and woodwind instruments as well.

Essential mic-kit accessories included
The Miktek PMD7 kit includes both standard and Miktek's Level-lock rim-mount tom clips, as well as a rugged aluminum carrying case to keep everything in as you travel to and from gigs. With the PMD7, you'll not only sound like a pro - you'll travel like one, too!


Three PM10 supercardioid dynamic snare/tom mics
One PM11 supercardioid dynamic kick drum mic
Two C5 pencil condenser mics
Standard and Level-lock rim-mount tom clips
Rugged aluminum carrying case