Miktek ProCast SST

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24-Bit/96kHz lydkort med USB mikrofon og mikser i meget bra kvalitet
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An Ideal Mic for Desktop Recording!
Whether you're looking for a professional-grade rig for podcasting or a killer microphone you can keep at your desk for when the muse strikes, you'll want to check out this ProCast SST USB studio condenser from Miktek. We've seen all kinds of innovative mic designs, but the ProCast SST pretty much takes the cake, combining an excellent condenser microphone, a radio boom arm, and a broadcast mixer all into a 2-channel USB audio interface. And since there's a second input plus monitoring options for two, the Miktek ProCast SST is also perfect for collaborative sessions in the control-room.

This funky design delivers broadcast-style convenience
Any recording artist can tell you that the best microphone for the job is the one you can get to before the ideas start to fade. That's why the Miktek ProCast SST's weighted base and integrated radio boom are so handy in the studio. Sure, this set-and-forget style of boom is perfect for getting the microphone into the perfect position for voiceover/broadcast work (that's why you see them in radio station broadcast booths), but it's amazing in the studio too. There's simply nothing like being able to reach over, grab a mic, stick it where it needs to go, and start recording - all without having to set a single clamp! Discover this freedom for yourself with a Miktek ProCast SST.

An ideal microphone for podcasting and vocal production
Being permanently attached to a radio boom isn't the only thing that makes the Miktek ProCast SST an ideal vocal microphone. For starters, they designed a special 19mm capsule and housing specifically with vocals in mind, providing you with a fairly neutral and extremely smooth frequency response that's great for speech and singing alike. What's more, if you're into podcasting or broadcast style work, then you'll really appreciate the ProCast SST's hands-on controls, which include dedicated mute buttons and volume faders for both channels.

Built around a pro-quality 2-channel USB audio interface
Last but certainly not least, the Miktek ProCast SST is more that just a condenser microphone or even a USB mic - it's a full-blown 2-channel USB audio interface that happens to have a pro-grade condenser mic permanently attached to it. Both of the ProCast SST's channels offer microphone and line inputs with +48V phantom power. When it comes to monitoring, you get two fully independent headphone jacks and monitor outputs, and an input/playback level adjustment knob provides you with latency-free input monitoring.


An ideal all-in-one recording rig for podcasting and desktop recording
Complete system combines an internally shock-mounted condenser microphone with a radio boom, broadcast mixer, and 2-channel USB audio interface
Integrated cardioid condenser microphone is perfect for vocals, speech, acoustic instruments, and much more
Heavy-duty desktop stand doubles as a complete broadcast mixer and 24-bit USB interface
Two channel inputs with selectable mini XLR or 1/4" input for line- and instrument-level signal
Each channel features an input trim fader, an easy-access mute switch, and switchable +48V phantom power
Adjustable input/playback blending provides simple latency-free monitoring
Two 1/8" headphone outputs with individual level controls provides easy monitoring for you and a collaborator
Input signal level LED monitoring and input mono channel summing provide added conveniences
Mini XLR to XLR and USB cables included
Compatible with your iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit