Miktek C7e

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FET kondensatormikrofon med multi-karakteristikk
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A Must-have Addition to Your Mic Locker
Miktek gave their venerable C7 a refresh for 2014, with a newly retooled zinc die-cast body, more reliable switches, and a new shockmount. The C7e still gives you the same outstanding performance that has made the original a studio essential for many Engineers. This large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone is the sort of mic you can put up, turn up, and call it a day. Plus, thanks to the three selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, omni, and bidirectional), the C7e is as versatile as it is sweet sounding.

How does the Miktek C7e manage to sound so good?
The C7e's head amplifier has been designed around the AMI T7 transformer, coupled with high-quality components and hand-selected transistors. The goal? To get as close as possible to the tone of the most desired vintage microphones. For even more versatility, the C7e features a unique circuit that lets you switch the capsule's bias voltage from +48-+60 volts. That means you get two microphone voices in one. Use the +48 setting when you want to capture even the slightest of performance nuances. Switch over to +60 for an extremely articulate, accurate sound. However you use the C7e, be glad you spent so little for such a big-deal microphone. Miktek nailed it with this one.

Three polar patterns give you amazing versatility
The C7e is amazingly versatile. Its three polar patterns (cardioid, omni, and bidirectional) make it an ideal choice for a range of mono and stereo recording techniques, including Spaced Pair (A/B), X-Y (including Blumlein), ORTF array, and Mid-Side (MS). Read on for a few examples to get the creative juices flowing.

A few examples of what you can do with this incredible mic
Two singers, one mic: grab the C7e, set it to bidirectional, and you're good to go. Record a sax solo overdub with natural "slap": position the C7e (again, on bidirectional) between the sax player and the control room window; adjust mic position to taste. Ginormous Val Garay-style toms (two racks and a floor): three C7e mics on cardioid, fairly close-in - just don't let the drummer hit the mics! Full symphony orchestra, Bob Fine's Mercury Living Presence technique: Three C7e mics, set to omni, across the proscenium arch; record to three tracks panned left, center, right. Set your levels for peaks, then leave those faders alone and let the conductor balance the orchestra. We could go on, but you can already see how the C7e can be used in any number of ways to produce incredible-sounding tracks.


Large-diaphragm, multipattern FET condenser microphone
Delivers a vintage-like response, ideal for vocals
MK7 dual 1" capsule 4-micron mylar, evaporated gold diaphragms
Cardioid, Omni, and Bidirectional pick-up patterns
Highpass filter and -10db pad switches
Variable capsule bias voltage: 48/60v
AMI T7 transformer
Individual serialized frequency response graph
Wood presentation case with swivelmount, shockmount and aluminum carrying case


MK7 Dual 1-inch Capsule 5-micron Mylar, Evaporated Gold Diaphragms
Cardioid, Omni and Bi-directional Pick-up Patterns
High-pass Filter & -10dB Pad Switches
Variable Capsule Bias Voltage: 44 – 60v
AMI T7 Transformer
Individual Serialized Frequency Response Graph
Wood Presentation Case with Swivel-mount, Shock-mount and rugged aluminum Carrying Case