Alctron UR66

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24-Bit/96kHz USB-mikrofon med valgbar karakteristikk
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USB Condenser Microphone
The Alctron UR66 is a multi-directional USB microphone with 3 condenser capsules, and 4 polar patterns: Cardioid, 2 x Figure 8, Omni and Stereo. Recording resolution is 24bit/96kHz. There 's a built-in headphone amplifier, allowing for zero latency monitoring. A true all-rounder USB Mic.

Multi-Pattern Available
The flexibility in using this USB mic is amazing, especially when utilising the different polar patterns available. Recording a single vocalist, or instrument is best on the uni-directional (cardioid) setting, where the mic's pick up range is 180 degrees in front of the mic. The figure 8 pattern picks up from front and back, ideal for interviewing or podcasts scenarios. The omni directional settings are ideal for recording choirs, ensembles, and for use as a "room" mic. The Stereo mode uses two channels at the same time.

USB - No Drivers Required
This mic is real plug-and-play. There are no drivers requried, and it works seamlessly on both MAC and PC operating systems.

Monitoring and Mute
Zero latency monitoring is acheived on the mic, with an individual headphone volume knob, and as well, there is a seperate mic mute button for instant muting.


Microphone: Type: USB microphone
Capsule: 3 x 16mm electret capsule
Polar pattern: Cardioids, Omni, Figure-8 and stereo
Frequency response: 30hz-20khz
Sample rate: 96k
Bit rate: 24bit
Sensitivity: -32dB
Connector: Standard USB connector
Power requirement: USB power
Headphone output:

Frequency response: 20hz - 20khz
Sample rate: 48k
Bit rate: 16bit
Product size (LxW): 250mm x 71mm