Dexibell Classico L3 Digital Organ

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State-of-the-art Pipes
A portable digital pipe organ powered by Dexibell's proprietary True 2 Life technology, the CLASSICO L3 delivers unprecedented timbral quality in the reproduction of classical organ sounds. The CLASSICO L3 offers 80 pipe organ sounds derived from American, British, French, German baroque, and Positive organs, a smaller type of pipe organ found in many churches and used to accompany choirs. For quickly finding exactly what you need, the sounds are logically organized into five sound sets: Baroque, Romantic, Symphonic, Classic, and Positive. Two User sound banks are also provided for saving your own custom presets.

Dexibell Classico L3 Digital Organ
The Classico L3 is the first portable organ instrument from Italian manufacturer Dexibell. When it comes to sound quality, Dexibell are renowned for their attention to detail and the Classico L3 uses the same T2L technology that was pioneered in the Dexibell Vivo range of digital pianos.

The Classico L3 features a 76 note dynamic keyboard that has the high quality feel of an outstanding classical organ. The keyboard is velocity sensitive (3 types) for when playing piano & orchestral voices, and fixed velocity for the organ tones.

The keyboard can be split into 3 sections, MANUAL I, MANUAL II, and PEDAL. Each of these parts can also be controlled by an external MIDI instrument, so you could add a third-party second manual or MIDI pedalboard if required.

Organ Voices
There are a choice of five different classical organs from which to choose in the L3 - German Baroque, English Romantic, French Symphonic, American Classic and Positive. Each classical organ model has 3 pedal stops, 7 stops on manual 1, and 6 stops on manual 2. These sounds have been sampled from the World’s very best classical organs, and give the player plenty of variation for different music styles. There are also two ‘user’ locations for you to add your own voices for even more flexibility.

The Classico L3 features 3 different tremulants for creating your favourite organ sounds.

Other Voices
There are 35 additional orchestral, solo and pedal voices including acoustic pianos, strings, choir and some solo instruments such as oboe, trumpet and flute. These voices can be layered, split & mixed with the organ tones, and can also be independently controlled using a foot expression or crescendo pedal (sold separately).

Other Voices List
Piano, E.Piano, Blues & Gospel Organ, Harpsichords (3), Lute, Strings (3), Choir(3), Celesta, Harp, Flute, Piccolo, Violin, Viola, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, English Horn, Trumpet, Baroque Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Flugel Horn

Pedal Voices
Double Bass Section, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Orchestra, Tuba, Tubular Bells

Sound Generation
The beautiful sound of the Classico L3 is created using Dexibell’s TrueToLife (T2L) technology. This technology comprises of both sampling and modelling to create the ultimate realism in digital organ and orchestral voices.

T2L technology analyses the player’s performance in realtime and creates the sound based upon what is being played. This means that additional components of sound are added, including sympathetic resonances, harmonics, staccato sounds and variances in timbre. The result is certainly very effective, and this is no doubt the most powerful, expressive and musical classical organ keyboard that we have ever played.

Memory Pistons
A total of 96 user created registrations can be saved and recalled using the pistons under the keyboard. Registrations can be saved and loaded using a USB stick, giving you an unlimited number of favourite settings.

Reverb & Effects
In addition to the tremulants, There are 7 types of reverb available which simulate various sizers of church and hall ambience from the smallest room to the largest cathedral. A master equalizer also gives you greater control over the tone.

Built-In Audio Recorder / Player
The Classico L3 features a built in audio recorder. A good use of this would be for your organist to record hymns and accompaniments which can be played back when they are not available to perform themselves. All audio recordings are saved on widely-available USB stick memory. Recording format is .wav (48KHz, 32-bit floating). The L3 also plays back audio files in .wav .aiff .mp3 formats.

Tuning, Transpose & Temperaments
There are 7 types of temperaments and 7 historical tuning presets available. It is also possible to fine-tune the Classico L3 for when playing with other acoustic instruments.

Built-In Speakers & Bluetooth Audio.
The Classico L3 has a powerful built-in amplification system comprising of 2 full range 3.5 inch speakers, each delivering 35 watts of power. It is also possible to stream music through the Classico L3’s speaker system using wireless bluetooth technology from your mobile phone, tablet or other bluetooth-enabled device.

Power Port For Lamp
Dexibell have put the player at the forefront of the L3’s design. The inclusion of a dedicated USB power port to attach a LED lamp for when performing under dark conditions is a unique and very welcome addition.

The L3 has a plethora of connectors including ¼” jacks for connection to external amplification such as a church PA system of keyboard amplifier. There are two stereo headphone outputs - one ¼” jack and one 3.5mm mini jack output.

Three foot controller inputs are available for expression, damper/hold and crescendo. All three sockets are assignable to different functions. Traditional 5 pin MIDI IN, OUT & THRU sockets are included and there is also a dedicated USB midi connector for direct connection to your favourite PC or MAC computer.

Additional USB 'to device' connection for storage of settings and sounds on USB Memory Stick.

An AUX IN connector allows you to play external audio devices through the L3’s built-in speakers using a 3.5mm stereo connection cable (available separately).

5 Organ sets:

American Classic
French Symphonic
English Romantic
German Baroque
Loadable User Sets

Each Organ set includes:

7 Stops in MANUAL I
6 Stops in MANUAL II
3 Stops in PEDAL
for a total of 80 Stops

We also incorporated the best orchestral, pedal and solo voices

16 Orchestral voices from VIVO library :

Piano, E. Piano
Blues & Gospel Organ
3 Harpsichord, Lute
3 Strings, 3 Choir
Celesta, Harp

6 Pedal voices :

Double Bass Section
Ac. Bass
E. Bass
Tubular Bells

Newly developed 13 Solo voices with legato: Flute, Piccolo, Violin, Viola, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, English Horn, Trumpet, Baroque Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Flügel Horn.


76 keys in 14 Kg weight
2 Manuals mode in 110 x 33 x 13 cm size
35 x 2 Watts and 108 db SPL


Extra large luxury music-rest in plexiglass
LED power lamp