Alctron SD201

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TheSD201 is a active DI box. It delivers crystal-clear, full bodied direct soundfrom your bass, keyboard, or acoustic guitar. With an ultra-quiet activecircuit that converts your signal from high to low impedance and reduces noise.Your signal will buffered and balanced. The SD201 is 48V phantom-powered, sothere is no futzing around with batteries, plug and play. Plug in an acousticguitar and you’ll enjoy rich, natural tone, even with low-output pickups.


Delivers crystal-clear, full bodied direct sound
Ultra-quiet active circuit
Converts your signal from high to low impedance and reduces noise
Plug and play


Type: DI Box
Length x wide x height: 119mm x 50mm x 38mm
Power requirement: 48V phantom power
Distortion: 0.008%
Signal to noise ratio: 88dB
Output impedance: 53ohm/1kHz
Input impedance: 456kohm/1kHz
Net weight: 199g