Alctron MP100 V2

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Hybrid mikpreamp med både rør og solidstate signalgang
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Hybrid Tube and Solid State Microphone Amplifier
The Alctron MP100 V2 is a hybrid tube and solid state microphone preamp. Featuring a high quality 12AX7B tube, you can mix between the tube and FET signal to achieve your optimum sonic tone. Heavy duty shielded case.

Classic Design and High Quality Build
Alctron MP100 V2 is a brilliantly flexible mic preamp with both tube and solid state signal output. You can blend seamlessly between the tube and solid state signal to achieve the sound you want. The sonic signal can be pure and precise, but also powerfully coloured when you want it. It can be driven hard when you need the little extra gain. It has separate input and output control, 70dB gain and a pad on the input. A DI input on the front is extrememly handy for direct connection of guitars, basses, and line signals. In a practical half rack format with handle and black VU meter in front, it is ideal to record on the move, and keep your signal chain professional.


Hybrid tube and solid state microphone amplifier
Heavy duty chassis provides extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF
Features Tube/FET mixing and MTR button
Adopts 12AX7B tube DI circuit design to premium performance
Large front panel mic gain knob
Features 48V phantom power


Input: XLR and 1/4’’ jack
Output: XLR
Tube complement: 12AX7B
Pad: -15dB
Max power consumption: 160mA @120VAC, 20W
Power requirements: 100-240VAC
Mic input impedance: 2Kohm
Line input impedance: 10Kohm
Hi-Z input impedance: 2.2Mohm
Internal output impedance: 600ohm
Gain range: 70dBu
Mic gain range: 10-60dBu
Line gain range: -10-40dBu
Hi-Z gain range: -10-40dBu
Mic frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Line frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Hi-Z frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Min THD + noise @+4dBu: 0.1% tube 0.005%