Alctron AE07

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In Ear Monitor Earphones
High-performance in-ear monitor earphones. They are comfortable, reliable and fit tightly. Lightweight in design, the ear sleeves come in three different sizes with a carry bag included.

Micro Driver Technology
The AE07 uses high quality micro dynamic drive unit, for enhanced bass and frequency spectrum with a unique miniature driver design. Alctron have worked hard on maintaining a balanced high, medium, and low frequency set for natural sound reproduction.

Tight Fitting Earphones
With the inclusion of three different sizes of earbuds for easy removal and addition, the AE07 will fit tightly to the performers ear, a must for in-ear monitoring on stage, or even keeping the peace whilst on public transport! The AE07 is a great value set of-ear headphones that is fast becoming popular in the market.


Tight comfortable fit blocking out 37dB of exterior sound
Includes small, medium and large earbuds and a carrying case


Driver: 8mm
Frequency Response:20-20KHz
Sensitivity: (92-108)±3dB at 20-20khz, (92-97)±4dB at 3000hz-5000hz
Max power:30mW
Plug: 3.5mm Gold-plate STEREO MINI (Straight)