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A&H XB10 Broadcast Mixer

The ultra-compact XB-10 is perfect for small radio or internet broadcast studios, college and university radio stations, podcasting, content creation and more.Despite its tiny footprint, XB-10 is packed with the kinds of specialised broadcast features that normally come at a much higher price. Radio-friendly tools include a telephone communication (telco) channel, mic channel ON switch sensing, stereo...

kr 8 000,00 inkl MVA

A&H XB14 Broadcast Mixer

Radio Broadcast Mixer.Compact, cost effective and versatile… the XB-14 is designed for a broad range of applications from small radio or internet broadcast studios, to larger studios with multiple rooms, hospital radio, university radio and community radio. The XB-14 is equipped with a wealth of features specifically for broadcasters, including telephone communication modules for telephone callers, mic fader...

kr 16 665,00 inkl MVA

Yamaha EMX2 Powered Mixer

10 channels, 2x 250W, 3-band EQ, dual GEQ, SPX effects processor, feedback suppressor, jack outputs, rack mounts available as option (RK-EMX2)
kr 5 076,00 inkl MVA

Yamaha EMX5 Powered Mixer

12 CH, 2x 630W, 3-Band EQ, SPX Eff-Proc., Feedback Supporessor, 1 Knob Master EQTM, Monitor EQ, Rackmounts available as option (RK-EMX7)
kr 7 877,00 inkl MVA

Yamaha EMX5014C Powered Mixer

14 channels, 2x 500W stereo, 3-band EQ, SPX effects processor, compressors, feedback locator, SpeakOn, 19" mountable
kr 10 675,00 inkl MVA

Yamaha EMX5016CF Powered Mixer

16 channels, 2x 500W, 3-band EQ, digital GEQ, 2x SPX effects processor, compressors, automatic feedback killer, FRC, 19" mountable
kr 13 347,00 inkl MVA