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Hosa BNC 75 ohm-skjøtestykke HUN-HUN

This adaptor is designed to couple cables with male BNC connectors.

Connectors: BNC to Same

kr 70,00 inkl MVA

Hosa 8 par XLR han/hun 3m

Hosa kab XLR x 8 3m
kr 1 065,00 inkl MVA

Hosa AC adapter 4 daisy chain

Hosa AC adapter 4daisy chain
kr 195,00 inkl MVA

Hosa AES/EBU SNAKE DB25-4xXLRF/M 3 m for Tascam

AES/EBU Snake DB25 to 4 x XLR3M and 4 x XLR3F This snake is designed to connect digital audio gear with DB25 sockets to digital audio gear with XLR connectors. AES-803T and AES-805T are compatible with Digidesign and Tascam mixing consoles. AES-805Y is compatible with Apogee, Mackie, TC Electronic, and Yamaha mixing consoles. Features include: Molded housings with heavy-duty strain relief...

kr 1 125,00 inkl MVA

Hosa Audio Signal Selector

Hosa Audio Signal Selector
kr 1 715,00 inkl MVA

Hosa bantam cab x 8 45 cm

kr 565,00 inkl MVA

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