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PreSonus SL-Dante-MIX

kr 6 159,00 inkl MVA

Universal Audio Apollo Audiointerface, Quad DSP, Firewire

Universal Audio Apollo Audiointerface med Quad prossesering. Class-Leading 24-bit/192 kHz Sound Quality Designed to play a central role in a modern Mac- or PC*-based studio, Apollo incorporates a true “no compromise” approach to audio quality. Building upon decades of UA’s analog hardware heritage, it offers extremely high-resolution sonics, with the lowest THD and highest dynamic ran...

kr 22 495,00 inkl MVA

Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt 3 opsjonskort

Universal Audio Thunderbolt 3 kort for Apollo Rack serien Nå er Thunderbolt 3 kort for Apollo Rack serien klar for levering.
kr 5 895,00 inkl MVA

Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt opsjonskort

A Bandwidth and Connectivity Boost for your Apollo Audio Interface.The Thunderbolt™ Option Card for the Apollo audio interface provides greater UAD plug-in instances, improved performance at higher sample rates, and reduced UAD plug-in latency versus Apollo’s standard FireWire connection. Compatible with Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology on the latest generation of iMacs® , MacBook®  Pros, MacBook Airs...

kr 5 895,00 inkl MVA

Universal Audio Apollo X16, x16 analog I/O, x6 DSP, TB3

Apollo x16 , x6 DSP Prosessering, 16x16 analog I/O via DB-25 kontakter, dedikert XLR monitor utgang og stereo AES/EBU digital I/O . Ideell for produsenter og teknikere som har behov for realtids UAD prosessering og førsteklasses ADDA konvertering for deres miksebord og preamper. x16 har virkelig high-end spesifikasjoner på ADDA: 133 dB dynamic range og THD+N på -129 dB. Støtte for opptil 7.1 monitoring.
kr 41 495,00 inkl MVA